Suggestions Bike/Trainer

I recently took on a temporary job that will have me away from my bikes and in a place where it’s difficult to ride. I’m going to buy a trainer and bike to sit on it. 

When home I switch back and forth between a Trek 8.6 and a Bridgestone RB-2 (with lots of upgrades).

For a great experience with Zwift what are your suggestions for both the trainer and bike? 




Smart trainers offer the best Zwift experience, I have the original direct-drive KICKR and Wahoo is now offering a lower-cost wheel-driven version.

I don’t have any experience with non-smart trainers on Zwift so someone else would have to address that angle.

Bike-wise, something stiff is good for performance and stability on the trainer, and large-tube aluminum is the easiest way to accomplish that. Say, a used Cannondale CAAD series, there are a ton of those around for sale at reasonable prices. They won’t rust from sweat, the resale value is good, and they’re good on the real road as well.

Thanks. I think I’m sold on the Kickr and I think your idea about a used Cannondale is right on.

Thank you!