Subscribing alternatives

Zwift is an essential component of winter training. However, as the spring has come and there will be more and more good days for outdoor riding, I will be using Zwift only when the weather will not allow me to go out. Therefore my use of Zwift is going to be be limited over the summer.
While in winter the monthly subscription is very logical and affordable, the situation might change during warmer months. Therefore I was wondering whether you were considering alternative, usage-based subscription models, e.g.:

  • pay per ride, e.g. buy 10 rides
  • buy eg. 500, 1000 kilometers to be ridden

I believe you already have implemented measures necessary to control such subsciptions (your free trial is initially km/based). It is just a question of business decision.
I believe this approach would be more attractive for hoby riders like me during summer months.

Yes, having this opportunity would be great. It is simply not effective for me to purchase the whole month in the summer, only because there is bad weather one or two days. I am convinced that not only hobby riders, but also more serious athletes would appreciate it.