Kilometers subscription

Dear Zwift,
Me and lots of others riders use indoor training systems very randomly, we prefer outdoor activities, but sometimes special in winter outdoor is not an option.
So Zwift must have a subscription type for this type of users/riders, for example have a subscription based on kilometers ride, for example sell a 1000km pack that will available untill you ride all 1000k independent of how long it takes, can be 1 week or 1 year.

Nope, pay monthly is the only option.

What you’ve suggested has been requested previously.

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1000km behind a pacer isn’t the same as 1000km doing the Alpe.

I just stop my subscription over the Summer.

It doesn’t seem like Zwift wants to do that, but there are competing products you can try. Some are completely free, some offer a free trial period that might suit your needs, and some offer a free tier of service that isn’t limited by distance.