Stuck Wattage


(Jan Susicky) #1


I just pursached Zwift, but in my 1st trainng session the wattage got stuck. I use Companion app and Zwift on my Windows notebook. In the PC app the wattage was stuck and unpairing and pairing the devices didn’t help. In the Zwift mobile app the wattage seemed to be correct. When I shut down and relaunched the PC app after approx 6k it got stuck again. Any solutions? Don’t want to ride on mobile app, but I’m afraid of the W getting stuck during some longer workout. I use Tacx Bushido.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

My guess is that it is an issue with your home wireless since that is how the Zwift app and the Zwift Companion app communicate for bridge BLE to the PC.

A better option is to go to an ANT+ dongle with a USB extension so you don’t need the ZCA to bridge anything, here is a link to one in the Zwift Shop: