Stuck in Geysers

This happened on Monday. I started a pace bot rides, and right as I was about to pedal, I realized I was on a TT bike I exited the ride and went into my garage to change bike but it was greyed out. I went back into watopia (I selected volcano route since my mouse was closest) so I could make my avatar stop or whatever and select the bike for my race to warm up on, and my avatar was flying through watopia and finally stopped in the middle of the geyser area. I was finally able to change my bike and I was able to just end that ride and do my robo pacer warm up I had planned on doing. I suspect it was the pedal support that comes on after the first one that took over made this silliness happen.

most likely just a one off glitch, if it keeps happening then report back.

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I’m guessing this is related to/same bug as the fact that you sometimes spawn flying in the air, especially when resuming a crashed ride. That’s been around for years so guessing it must be in “known issues” list somewhere