Stuck at Level 60

upleveling is for lots of people of nice like the carrot for the rabbit
why dont you extend the system? level50…stuck…now since almost one year on level60

whyt should i contiue with tour of watopia to double the xp…why?..for no new levels?

There has to be a cap under the current system. As every level garners a reward of a piece of kit then somebody has to design and implement that kit etc… if its a branded item then the manufacturer needs consulting etc… All time consuming when there are more important things that time could be spent on.
Perhaps without the level rewards you could have infinite levels but for some the motivation is getting that new jersey etc…

Your XP is being banked no matter what so come the day new levels arrive you’ll get the benefit of the time you are putting in now.

As a level 60 rider you are actually in a very small minority.

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After 30 months of Zwifting, I reached level 60 in early August 2023 and quickly realized in the following days that something was missing; my goal was achieved and checked off. So, a few days passed with aimless group rides and PaceBot sessions, and I kept asking myself, ‘What’s next?’.

Until I posed two questions to myself: ‘Why did I start with Zwift?’ and ‘What got me totally excited back then?’. The answer was quite simple: ‘I wanted to get fitter…’.

In my first year of Zwift, I mainly followed training plans and it was incredibly fun. That’s how I went from FTP 150W (at 95 kg) to 290W today (at 87 kg). So, why not start again from the beginning? Not resetting the level, but training again as hard as possible. And so, I start again with the beginner training plans :laughing:… and they still pack a punch - they’re FTP-based after all. My goal now is to get myself so fit that I can tackle ‘Build Me Up’ as successfully as I did before. And I’m sure it will be painfully challenging once again!

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I came to zwift via road cycling so i was always more interested in miles and elevation so XP and levels aren’t as important to me (there were only 25 when i started and i very quickly hit level 25)

I’m currently not too far off 75,000 miles and 1,000,000 meters of climb so those are my goals for now. (not at all boasting it is purely just because i have been here for a long long time!)

I don’t understand why there needs to be a cap, just give a generic jersey with the level number on the back or something if you really have to give something but i think by the time you get to level 60 most people don’t need anything for leveling up.


i was gonna say something along the lines of “you probably will have found a new goal in cycling by the time you hit lvl 60 in zwift” but i don’t think i even liked cycling at all until i’d been doing it for 4 years. good luck with your search OP… if i could recommend something, getting involved in community group rides and social events might open some new avenues up for you if you haven’t done so already

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You could ride less. I’ve been on Zwift since 2015 and am level 46.

HTH! :joy:


Hahahaha, great advice. Just realized i didn’t even knew my current level :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Started end 2018 and now on level 43.