Stryd Issues

I bought an early version Stryd off eBay as I was hoping it would stop me having a bouncing reported speed that the NPE Runn was giving me.

Unfortunately that problem remains so I think it’s fair to say my treadmill has issues with offering a consistent belt speed.

The issue I have is that the Stryd is reporting a speed way off reality. With the treadmill set at 8mph it reports I’m at 6.3mph.
Stryd insist you shouldn’t calibrate the device.

I’m in tune with my running pace and I’m happy the treadmill is running close to the reported speed.

If I calibrate the Stryd with Zwift it’s close to the treadmill speed with the bouncing speed.

However at the same time I had it linked to my Garmin and the pace was giving about the 6.3mph mark.

I’ve bought this as it’s supposed to be the best out there. I’ve contacted a few people who say it doesn’t need calibrating.

Have I got a duff one?

Email Stryd support. I have been a long time Stryd user and love it. So if you are on a curved motorless treadmill, pace and power will be off by about 20%.

But if on a regular treadmill with zero to 1% incline power and pace should match your outdoor pace/power numbers.

So do some runs out doors.

How to test distance and pace from strdy compared to GPS garming watch for expamle.

Do a run with your GPS watch. With Stryd not connected.

When done the run do an offline sync.

Then match the Distance and pace from Stryd to your Garmin.

I have 2 Stryd’s the original and the windows version. NEVER once have my Stryd failed me. Weather on the treadmill or outdoors.

But I think it’s important to have some outdoor runs with your Stryd. Good luck. But email Stryd support they are really good.