Stryd bugs since update

since I updated the app (around the 17th of june) there is a known issue (or you just decided to stop the support) of the wattage input for Stryd user.
Meaning all the files created by zwift aren’t supported by Training peak and the Stryd Power center anymore

As you may know, power is a critical data for runners.
I know some people have pointed out the bug days earlier but i think we need some kind of explantations here.

I have done all the races and trainings of both the run and tri academy at the end of 2020 and I am more than disapointed that you decided to let that bug / change happen. Stryd (i use to run with the zwift pod back in the day) is the only trustable measure for all your running compétition since you can’t cheat AT ALL. (no letting the treadmill go, no having 2 to 3 secondes rest every minute or laying on the treadmill screen to catch your breath).
All your other system (pod, smart TM or optical reading) are archaic and outdated.