Streaks screen starts counting up from Level 1 when exiting "Just Watch" mode [Dec 2023] [1.55]

On iPhone the cycling Streaks now always start from level 1. Let it go all the level for the first time but then the behavior continues.

Using iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 17.1.2 and Zwift 1.55

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thank you for flagging this up. Looking on the back end, you’re still Level 68, so don’t worry.

Question 1: Did you look at the Streak menu while you were in 1) the end of ride or 2) the Just Watch mode?

Q2: If you pause the game mid-ride, what level are you on the Pause menu?

Did it after “Just Watch mode”. I’ll ride later on and give you extra feed back.

I’m not worried about the level because it goes from 1 to 68 every time. I just didn’t want it to start from 1. (or is this the surprise for level 100, that you get an extra 5 minutes reviewing all leveling? :rofl: )

Its not update related to .55. The same behaviour happened with the previous version. After ending your ride its not starting at level 1.

Thanks for reporting this issue where your level shown in the Streaks screen starts at 1 (and then goes through the animation all the way up to your current level).

This issue is specific to “Just Watch” mode (but please let us know if you’re seeing it elsewhere). We’re working on a fix for this which will be available in an upcoming game release.

Just updated and got this strange streak behavior… it started at level one and went up one level at a time until it got back up to my level (32)

Were you in ‘Just Watch’ mode? This was noted in another thread, and is supposed to be corrected in an upcoming version.

Hi @Marc_Sacco

Shuji at Zwift HQ. We’re tracking reports of odd behaviors with the Streaks screen.

Does your Streak screen now stay at Level 32, or does it revert to Level 1?

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It started at level one and went through each level until it reached my current level (32)… yes has stayed at 32

In normal ride/race works fine. Only happens in just watch mode. Thanks

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Good catch! I just tested it both ways and regular ride sequence does not elicit the problem but just watch does do it! (Ver 1.55)

Thanks for the added context. Because you’re seeing this happen by entering the game from the Just Watch mode - I merged your comments into this thread with the same Just Watch symptom.

Thanks @Marc_Sacco - can you confirm if you were using “Just Watch” mode when you observed this?

Yes , i am pretty sure I was on just watch when this happened and then i went on again as i said above…

Yeah seen this from just watch mode on PC with 1.54

Here is another strange thing with the streak screen… if you “Trash” a ride rather than save it, the streak screen still comes up and when you hit the “Continue” button it changes to “Saving” which then makes you think that you are saving the ride that you wanted to trash…

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Thanks for this feedback, agreed that this wording is a bit confusing. We’re working on several UX improvements to the Streaks screen and will have some additional improvements out for this across upcoming game versions.


will the numbers on the streak screen just keep increasing until you miss a week? I rarely miss a week so it will just be a running total and not too useful, would be good to have it showing month to date or week to date or something instead.

Yep, the counter at the top of the screen shows your total current streak length, so if you ride super consistently, you’ll see that number continue to increase for as long as your current streak lasts. Thanks for the feedback - we have more planned for this experience and are going to be iterating more on it over time.

(Also, that streak counter currently only supports 3-digit numbers for now, so I’m excited for some of you folks to push us to add a fourth digit!)