Streaks screen starts counting up from Level 1 when exiting "Just Watch" mode [Dec 2023] [1.55]

That would take nearly 3 years, the max i can see mine getting to is about 17 weeks tops as that takes us through to the end of march and the start of the outdoor season

I think you mean over 19 years, since it’s measured in weeks.


@Nigel_Tufnel , good point, posted late at night :+1:

pencil that in for Jan 2043!


Ever since the dismiss streaks screen from the companion app was implemented I have intermittent issues with rides uploading to Strava. It’s not every ride, but I have had 2 in a row yesterday and this morning for the first time.

After this morning’s failed upload, I am trying the disconnect/reconnect Zwift to Strava to see if that fixes it.

Hi @evan-zwift (or anyone else who could answer)

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask/report this, but what are these streak numbers on calories, distance and elevation supposed to represent? I can’t figure it out as it’s not all the data since my streak started - or my data from the past week.

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Hey everyone! This issue has been fixed in the latest 1.57 release. Please respond in this thread if you’re still seeing this once updating.


We are working on getting that data to be more accurate in representing the actual numbers during your streak. There was small window where the streak data was not capturing 100% of the ride data. We plan to true-up everyone’s numbers that have had active streaks over 3 weeks in the next week or two.

Thanks Brian; good to see people are still working on this. Once you’ve got the figures sorted, to help make it clearer what the stats represent (especially for those with English as a second language), it could be good to add “since xx Jan 202x” next to the stats, so it’s clear those stats relate to activity since a particular date.

On another point about improving the experience when we get awarded the bonus XP, have you seen this thread about streaks and levelling up?

UPDATE February 13
Hi everyone - please note that this issue has been fixed in game version 1.58. Thanks for your patience.