Strava to Zwift

Does anyone else wish you could upload your activities from Strava to Zwift? I want to combine my real rides and runs with my virtual ones on Zwift and to see my total activity on my Zwift account. I know it goes the other way but it’s a shame you can’t go Strava to Zwift.

Nope. That’s what i use Strava for…


I guess I will have to make Strava my main app too moving forward. Thanks for reply.

I don’t think that would make sense. Strava is an activity tracking platform, while Zwift is a virtual cycling/running platform. So, it’s kind of set up to be a one-way flow from Zwift to Strava.

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Yeah, I’m with these guys don’t see a need for that personally. Zwift is terrible for data management anyway, even its own. Plus third party apps (like Veloviewer) have APIs to Strava but not to Zwift. Only thing in this space I think would be good to see more of is gear unlocks based on combined real/virtual world challenges like the Festive 500

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