Strava or Zwift? Who's guilty

Look at speed values at for the following Strava segment:
I wish I could ride that fast.

I’d say it’s Zwift. That needs to be looked into.

I have a fiber optic Internet connection and just assumed that I could ride at the speed of light on Zwift!

You are just jealous because I smoked you on that segment.
I noticed the same thing (bc a few others smoked me, I guess). I think it is Zwift. If you look at my ride with the lightspeed piece, you’ll see a corner is cut off in the same manner as when there are GPS errors. I imagine if I inspect my .fit file I’ll see there are some jumps in coordinates.

You’ll need to ignore the jumps in my rides because I’m using the drop in feature in our iOS app which isn’t generally available yet. It’s coming soon!

Ha! I think we should FLAG Eric’s rides when he makes the jump to hyperspace! Flag it with “Ride Made in Time Machine”.

Now that you mention it, I “dropped in” too (it was available on the PC). That explains how I nabbed fifth. It sounds like something that could still work fine w strava - perhaps the fit file is starting at the start line, and when you drop in the second coordinate is the drop in spot? If so I’d imagine it could be modified so the fit file starts at the drop in point to solve the issue. It may sound trivial, but I’ve got some ideas that might make it worth keeping the segment data “valid”. I’ll elaborate separately (has to do with taking over the whole South Pacific ).