how to not make friends (Strava, flagging zwift segments, and generally taking things too seriously)

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #1

So here we are X days into the beta and I go and flag all the founders’ rides in Strava like a total jerk. Will I ever learn?
Seriously, though, I wanted to try something out, and hope you guys will bear with me. My first ride also used the “drop-in” feature and I thus got an unrealistic segment time. As noted elsewhere, it can probably be fixed if the .fit files begin at the drop-in point instead of having a single data point at the start line and teleporting there. In any event, I flagged my own segment. Apparently I’ve never had one flagged (shocking) because I finally saw the resulting message on Strava. It recommended I fix it and I ended up in the crop option. I cropped the start to the teleport spot and voila! A good file/data.
SO… how neurotic am i to care about all this? In full disclosure, THAT neurotic. I’m also JUST wise enough, however, to normally keep that to myself and not go in flagging all the founders’ rides. I jumped the shark here, though, because if we can get the data clean, I think it might be cool to have Zwift Island in - my Strava API app that I built a few years ago to implement a ‘scoring system’ for geographic area. I threw Jarvis Island on there and it’s good fun. This is totally something I built/run for giggles - doesn’t make a dime nor is it intended to and I’m just mentioning it for fun and in case the competitive aspect might give the Zwifters some cool ideas. I only built this because Strava wouldn’t - they are a bit gunshy on liability for anything competitive, but Zwift might not have that issue! Check it out (it’ll get better as the ride data gets cleaned up, but you can view some other cities in the meantime to get the idea… and if Zwift ends up with all the virtual coordinates mapped to landmasses in a contiguous area, it could really become fun.)

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

How do you use the “drop in” feature?

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #3

When i sign in and get the “just ride” screen, the lower half says something about joining a friend. When I did that while someone was actually there, their name showed up. I chose it and that “dropped” me in on them.