Strange race + new icons

During City crit last night I experienced a bug that made my race appear as a group ride with no racer list just my name and “+51 riders”. I assume this is a glitch.

But continuing the race I could see other non racers on the course mixed with the race and some people had green squares with white arrows over their heads what is this?

I also noticed what I assume were people I was racing popping a wired purple power up. Can’t describe the symbol.

Needless to say I came no where in the race because I couldn’t make out the race bunch from other riders and because the top 10 were all sandbagging at 4.2W/kg in B. I guess in theory if your FTP is 3.9W/kg over an hour 4.2 is possible over 20 mins.

Sounds like you were in a Boost Mode race.

I did the 3R Sand & Sequoias - 1 Lap (20km/12.5mi 173m) race a day ago and had the same issue with the nearby riders list. Just my name in the list and the number of other riders in my group (but not listed). To make matters worse I could see all the other riders who weren’t in the race at the same time so it was quite difficult to know who I was actually racing against.

What on earth is a boost mode race? It showed as a standard race when I signed up and other racers seemed to be in a standard race.

Nope definitely not boost mode I done the test for that and there was no boost features.

Also the arrows were like this but a green box :arrow_up: It was almost like they were lapped or not in the race.

The more frustrating thing was no rider data on the right and other avatars on the course which inevitably give you a sticky wheel.

So apparently it’s a ZHQ trial race where they try new stuff.
The green arrow is anti sandbag so those with a green arrow indicates they should go up a Category.

Which done absolutely nothing. 22 out of the to 30 were sandbaggers in B Cat with podium averaging 4.5 W/kg.

The race list disappeared again so impossible to know who was racing where but confirmed it happened to others.

Really hope this is not intentions for the future.

I had that problem (not nearby riders) in 5 races on Wednesday and Tuesday.
All kind of races, includiong ZHQ anti- sandbagging, etc.
But at the end of race results were showed.

Months ago, happened this, but at the end… no results.
This time, at least if you complete all race, there are results.

It’s confusing because you are racing with all people in Watopia, even people that are not in the event.
BUT, the people in the event still is showed in the map as points of every categorý (A in red, B in green) and at the same time there is no nearby list of riders of the event, neither your position in the actual race.

Boost mode is another thing.
It’s like if you hace a “turbo” or better… “electric nitro” in a battery that increment your weight 7-10kg…and that you choose to charge when you want but it takes 100-150W of the power you are puting.
Later you can use the battery and have a “power up” of extra boost, “electric nitro”.

There are different batteries you can choose when entering the event.