Boost mode? Really?

Where in the world did this boost mode feature come from and why is it here? This could not have been on the top 500 list of things being requested by users. Racing is the one area where the goal is to achieve a level playing field and not have someone blow by you at the end of the race doing an extra 200 watts they aren’t capable of doing in real life.

Seems like Zwift is trying to turn this experience into Mario Kart. The time spent developing this could have been better spent on updating the UI or allowing a save without exiting the game.

Have you used it? We can’t judge until we have used it and understood it.

There’s no criteria for development that says it has to be requested by a lot of people. Zwift isn’t owned by the users. We can’t all be happy.


There’s a backlog of feature requests that are more than a year old, many that are very reasonable and intuitive. Why not make your user base happy instead of rolling things out that no one asked for? Seems like an odd approach to customer satisfaction.


I’m also looking forward to test it out. It may be fun. Something a bit different.

This will also seem to destroy Strava PRs by folks using Mario Kart tricks to get KOMs.


Yes. There are things I’ve wanted for many years too. (I don’t work for zwift).

110% agree with you Marko.

Matter of fact, I just cancelled my account yesterday due to Zwift’s ongoing stupidity.

No new UI.
No new roads.
No new badges.
No new achievements.
No anit-sandbagging measures.
Zpower is totally out of control.
List continues…

But, “Got Boost!?” :roll_eyes:


No new money from me.

Have fun Zwift fanboys, whoever you are, playing Mario Cart. I’ll be paying your competitors for now. Feel free to email me when or if Zwift decides to listen to the customer base and add things we actually want to see implemented in the game.

Until then, buh-bye.


I completely agree with you. I’ve also cancelled my Zwift subscription for the same reasons you list, particularly the ridiculous racing situation. Stopping the sandbaggers has been necessary and requested for years. Numerous solutions exist and have been suggested. Yet Zwift has ignored the problem and the requests until recently, and have now spent the last month messing around with green cones. And boost mode. ???

I’m trying out RGT. The approach there seems to be to keep it simple and as realistic as possible. And it’s free.


I totally understand your disappointment. That Zwift Developers are working on something like this instead of making the experience of Zwift better annoyed me aswell. Even to see them spending money all over makes me think, why they don’t just reward longterm users a little with cheaper abo instead of wasting the money like this. The Boost Mode can be used in some events without making it Mario Cart but i still agree it was sad for me to see it on the To-Do List of Zwift right now.