First race and something wierd happened?


Looking for some advice, think i might have missed something obvious?

Just finished my first race for something a bit different from training. I raced in Cat C ZHQ FutureWorks Crit City Race - Anti-sandbagging, crit format was great and definatley takes the intensity to the next level!

About 2 laps into the race I turned a corner and the group I have been following literally vanished in fornt of my eyes. The reappeared some 10 seconds later quite a bit down the course? There was no way they dropped me so quickly, and looking on zwiftpower the watts seemed similar.

It isn’t a big deal as these races are just a bit of fun however, obviously the race got a whole lot more difficult without anyone to follow! So…

A. A technical glitch? Wifi cut out?
B. Was i sandbagging? (i was getting a bit to competititve in the first few laps)
C. Did people move up catergories?

or some other explainable reason?


Nothing to do with sandbagging in the software, I’m guessing your router burped and lost your connection to the race momentarily.

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Thanks Justin, I take it the momentary lapse just stops you in the race?

No, you just lose the draft of the group when the other riders disappear (and yes, this is indeed what happens when your internet connection is interrupted even briefly) and you go slower unless you start pushing extra hard.

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