Strange increse of controllable resistance

Hi all,

I am a new zwift and since about December 29 I have a strange behavior on my roller.
Tacx Smart Flow, calibrated correctly and the last firmware version.

I started to use Zwift on 5th of december and the first thing that I made was a FTP test. I had got a 242w.
I did it without controllable option because I use Win10 app and still didn’t have ANT. For this reason I used bluetooth option.

After that, I got an ANT+ and I can pair my controllable roller.
My workouts were normal until 29 december, This day after an update (it’s the only thing out of the ordinary that I remember), I could not keep up with my workouts… this was extramely hard.
Actual version is 1.0.32535.

Today in this condition I repeat a FTP test and I have got 142w.
I think humbly that this is not my true level and that something strange has happened.

Any ideas about what could have happened?


Your tire inflation level didn’t change, right?

Any slipping?

Thank you Ales for your suggestion!!!
Realy, something I think that the human stupidity has no limit.
I could not believe it MY REAR WHEEL WAS BREAKING:scream:

Sometimes you have to start with the easiest:grimacing:

Sorry and thanks

No problem, great info that it isn’t something more complicated or a problem with the trainer!