Tacx Flow Smart - "Spinning out of Control"

My friends, hello and good evening to you all! I have a Tacx Flow Smart, and honestly, although it has been calibrated by my Garmin Edge 530, it really feels like I’m spinning only against air! That is to say, there is virtually no resistance unless I’m going up a very steep hill, but on flat land, I really don’t feel anything and I have to really “spin” just to get up to a decent speed.

I’m used to riding on rollers, where your actual weight is the resistance much like riding outdoors. I would not necessarily say I’m a “grinder” per se, but I’m getting a crazy cadence and hardly moving.

Has anyone else had this issue or a similar one? Is the light flywheel the problem? And what do you fine folk suggest?

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you’re all having a fantastic evening!!

Have you checked the manufacturer’s instructions about how to tension the roller against the wheel and what tyre pressure to use? It sounds like the tyre is slipping.

I would also calibrate it using the Tacx app.

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Hi @Daniel_JP

did you pair the trainer as Power and controllable?

What bike and gear ratio do you use?

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Hello all! Great advice and questions: for the questions from Gerrie, I do make sure it is controllable from Zwift, which is a good question because I understand it is that link that is responsible for changing terrain, also I interestingly use the highest front gear and the lowest back gear. You can see what I mean about the resistance issue lol!

Great advice from Steve: I actually was only using the 530 to calibrate, but after you suggested the app, I went to YouTube and found a video from Garmin about how the app tells you while calibrating if there is too little (or too much) tension, so I think that will help me!! And I also will get the app to update the hardware if that is also necessary!

Thanks again, I look forward to trying out your suggestions and finally get back to riding with all you fine folk!!

Very best regards,

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