Stopping, freezing, riding thru walls, trees and underground!

(Ian Jones) #1

This is my second attempt on free trial.

 It may be my laptop speed that’s the issue, but I don’t know. I have DSL, used to have cable, but got rid of it some years ago and not going back.

 The issues:

  Rider avatar stops and all data shows zero, (except cadence) when i have not stopped pedalling, sometimes at 100+ rpm cadence.

  The heart rate monitor wouldn’t sync today, but it did the first time I tried. Just kept showing “searching” so i gave up on that.

  The “scenery” is totally messed up. Shows rider going thru’ walls, buildings, trees, bushes and even underground seemingly! Most distracting, annoying and unacceptable.

I have a Travel Trac fluid + trainer with a Garmin 520 gps. The cadence matches exactly, but everything else seems to be out of whack.

Not impressed, too many issues.

(Paul Allen) #2

You internet connection could have a lot to do with the issue as well as your computer. 

What are the specs of your computer and can you run a speedtest on you internet connection so we see if either of those are the cause of your issues.

Here are the computer specs for Zwift:

Blaming Zwift is a little harsh don’t you think.

(Tyler Shannon) #3

Hi Ian!

As Paul mentioned, both computer specs and internet speeds can affect your experience greatly. Does your computer meet the minimum specs, and have you had a chance to run a speed test?