Stop blocking Zwift Companion on M1 Macs

The M1 Macs can run iOS apps, unless the developer opts-out.

Currently the Companion app isn’t available, I assume Zwift opted it out.

It would work great on the Mac to review rides and enter events. Please consider unchecking the box and allowing it to run on the (M1) Macs

It’s not as simple as that, in order for it to work on Mac developer has to make sure it functions 100% on Mac as it does on iOS.

Why not just use web interface:

Review Rides:

I have side-loaded the Companion app for now, works really well as far as I can tell. No obvious issues so far.
Just be nice for something that auto-updated and was more ‘official’

I’ll update my request - that they consider reviewing functionality and bring it to the Mac when they are happy with it - which maybe they are already :slightly_smiling_face: