Zwift Companion on iPad?


the Zwift Companion App don’t work on my MacBook. Does it work on an Apple iPad or do I need an iPhone?


It will work on an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

Hello Paul,

I am asking because no Wahoo Software nor Zwift Companion App is available for my MacBook with macOS. On my Business Phone it’s not aloud to install different Apps. I will not buy an iPhone especially for Wahoo Software or Zwift Companion App. The normal Zwift software runs fine on my MacBook. Will the Wahoo Software and the Zwift Companion App run on an iPad?

Yes, I have run both on my iPad Mini.

The Zwift Companion App is for mobile devices.

But I have no simcard in my iPad, only Bluetooth and WLAN, normally it’s no mobile device.

All you need is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (WLAN) for the Zwift Companion App, it does not work on Cellular connections.

Ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile: Now I understood :slight_smile: