Sticky passes - seem to be back?

Hi all,

Since the 20K user mark has been reached it seems as if the “Sticky pass” is exposing it’s ugly head again.

I have been on a few “general” rides as well as a few Watopia Tour rides and experienced the phenomenon a few more times than I’d care to mention. It seems when approaching a group of riders you must increase your power by another 30% to get a run by otherwise you slot in behind them and slow drastically. It’s been an issue in the past and seems to get worse with a larger user group.

I’m on Fibre driven WiFi / MacBook Pro / Tacx Neo and don’t really have any other issues besides legs that should be more powerful for longer (say 1000w for 3 hours LOL).

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It has been pretty significant since the last 2 updates. Passing riders ahead of us becomes challenging on a regular basis. Its akin to stepping on rat glue paper and find yourself stuck behind the rider ahead abruptedly.

On top of that, I required a fair amount of effort just to move out of their draft and overtake them. Appreciate if Zwift can help check this out as it shouldn’t be that tacky to pass riders.

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