Remove sticky draft on uphills

(Roilev) #1

OK, clickbait title a bit, but lots of riders suffer when climbing a hill and there are tons of slower riders in front - many times the speed difference is not enough to pass them by and we stick behind them, losing time and speed.
My suggestion is to have the stickiness delta (the difference between the speed of the rider in front to the rider coming from behind) a percentage of the rider’s speed. So riding slowly won’t stick that much as riding faster.
Another suggestion is to have the stickiness delta dependent on the power. If the rider behind would continue to move faster when passing the rider in front (assuming both of them don’t change their power), then don’t stick but let the back rider pass.
Third suggestion is to stick to the faster rider around. When riding behind a fast rider that just overtook a slower rider, it makes no sense to stick to the slower one.

Now to avoid sticking to a slower rider, I have to forcefully increase my power just when I get behind the rider in front, and keep it higher until I pass. But for a long ride, this quickly burns my matches.

(Johnathan) #2

Best of luck with this one. My only suggestion is the same as it would be IRL, get into a better position before the climb and those “slow” riders won’t be an issue.