Steering with Sterzo feels slow [April 2024] [1.63]

Sterzo steering is too slow now. I also liked my avatar automatically moving into the draft, miss that now.

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I concur,… Sterzo steering so slow now. Can we have a slider for steering sensitivity?


Steering sensitivity is very very low with Sterzo. Also, “intersection controls” needs to come back!! I’ve been off course each ride since the updated (without wanting to be). I then have to teleport back to pace robot and start fresh at 1.0 robopacer…very annoying!

I concur with this. And moreover, KICKR Bike is much slower than Zwift Play to steer.

Steering with all devices is extremely slow if you are around other riders, it’s intentional.

Steering with my Sterzo was indeed slow yesterday–at the same time, it was a lot less ‘twitchy’ as a result. It strikes me that, had it been that way from the start, I’d find it to be normal and I’d appreciate the improved control over finer steering. But the response time is absolutely slower, regardless of whether there were people around or not. That didn’t change how it worked.

Perhaps they’re trying to incentive Sterzo users to ‘upgrade’ to a Play

Thanks for the reports of this issue, everyone. We did some initial triage and are able to reproduce this slowed responsiveness. I’ve split your comments into a dedicated thread to track toward a resolution.


Now if your team can just triage the slow responsiveness of my legs :laughing:

I scanned through your server logs and noticed that a Sterzo was not paired in game (at least - not when you logged out) since 1.63 was released. Would you clarify if:

  1. you switched between KICKR Bike steering input and Sterzo mid-ride?
  2. If this is a long-standing discrepancy that you noticed prior to 1.63, and if so - how long has this noticeable to you?
  3. some other scenario where you can compare KICKR Bike steering vs Sterzo responsiveness?

Ok, many people are confirming the slowness, what about steering getting you off course? Why was the “intersection” control for steering Y/N taken away from us? :frowning:

Those seem like two issues–going off course, and being unable to use steering to choose. (Not that they aren’t problems, just don’t seem like the same problem)

I didn’t try steering off course yesterday when I noticed the slow steering, can’t confirm if the Sterzo was working that way or not. Stayed on course at least.

I don’t have a Sterzo. If I hold the Steering button on my KICKR Bike, my bike moves at about half the rate on the screen as those I know who have Zwift Play. I can’t “turn” as fast; that’s what I’m trying to say. It has always been this way. I commented to @Steve_May about this who has KICKR Bike and Zwift Play and told me that the Zwift Play steers faster than the KICKR Bike.

This isn’t a newly introduced thing - it has always been that way. I feel KICKR Bike should “steer” much faster than it does.

There are other things about KICKR Bike on Zwift which I have learned to tolerate over three years of owning one. Those include:

  1. ERG Mode on hills, the resistance “feedback” increases on descents and decreases on climbs, it is “easier” to spin faster going up at the same power than down.
  2. Banded rides, it is hard to “pull” at times unless I drop cadence, resistance keeps decreasing significantly unless I smash and start at the front and hold it.
  3. Every single time when I finish the DIRT Family Values Ride (50 Minutes; Tuesday 14:30 PDT) and then join the BanditZ Ride United (60 Minutes; Tuesday 15:30 PDT) even though “Controllable” stays connected and Steering is “ON”, steering and the power-up buttons are non-responsive on the KICKR Bike. Every single time. 100% reproducible and I’m absolutely baffled why.

Thanks for the reply and considerations for improvements.

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I noticed that the steering was really slow today. At least when I was in/around other riders. Seemed okay once I was out of the pack. Maybe I’ll try repack tomorrow and see.
Okay, I tried repack rush today.
IT TOTALLY SUCKED. Steering is definitely to slow. No way I could get across without hitting those friggin red tiles. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. @Todd_Tucker1 @shooj

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You can’t do it, just wait until the patch is out to fix the issue

Progress toward a fix looking good. Should make it into the next game release.


This issue has been resolved in Zwift game version 1.65. Everyone please update when phased rollout is available to your Zwifting device.

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