"Intersection Control" setting not visible [April 2023]

Last version there was a setting “Intersection Control” Y/N that allowed steering the ability to make turns (off course). That’s been taken away. But, if you’re steering (within lane) right before a turn it’ll prompt a turn off course. Would LOVE the ability to lock it in route and ONLY allow lane steering within route (like before).

Gotcha. I didn’t look into the settings, I see what you’re saying now. I’ve used the Sterzo to choose at intersections (not yesterday), and I have found myself accidentally steering off course any number of times (the Watopia sprint is a killer that way, with the intersection right there). The ability to lock that in for a route would be nice, yeah. Or even a Companion App ‘intersection lock’ button, like old phone ‘keypad lock’ buttons.

Like it! Hopefully Zwift is listening :confused:

Hi @Brad_Fulton
As Tom suggested - the Interseciton Control setting gone missing is an unrelated issue. Stand by as I get more info on it, I’ll probably split out your comments from this thread to not muddle this one with it.

As promised, spliced out this report from its original place.
This should be fixed in the next game release version 1.65.


This issue has been resolved in Zwift game version 1.65. Everyone please update when phased rollout is available to your Zwifting device.

On Wahoo Kickr Bike v2, on ATV version 1.67.0 this has not be resolved. The Intersection Option is still missing