Steering sensitivity

At the moment I find that just a small movement of the handlebars makes the avatar swerve too much, and when trying to compensate, it just swerves in the opposite direction. Trying to find equilibrium is difficult.

It would be nice if there was a slider under “Settings” where you could adjust steering sensitivity.

Steering Sensitivity

What are you using for steering?

Elite Rizer

I have the Rizer. Although I’ve not tested it lately they did make some changes in a recent release that made steering much better.
Zwift Play is better though.

For me, the Rizer has always been very sensitive to steering input (I’ve had the Rizer since it was released by Elite). I’m currently using the latest game version 1.49 on macOS, and haven’t noticed much of an improvement.

I’ve also seen others (using other hardware) post that they’d like the steering to be >more< sensitive, which is the opposite of what I’d like. Which is why a slider within “Settings” might be the best approach to accommodate everybody.

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That would be nice, as long as the steering signal sent is something other than a 1 or a 0 (steer left/right, or don’t steer), and there actually is some sort of amount indicator sent by the device to the app.

IIRC the Rizer sends a value between -15 to +15.
Other platforms have other ranges, I believe.

The “prefs.xml” files has this line:
Perhaps you can try using a lower setting there.

Interesting! I’ll have a go and see how it affects things…

That tag seems to be ignored.
I tried setting it to 0.5, 0.1, and even 0 with no noticeable effect.

I restarted the computer after every change just to be sure the new settings would “stick”.

It worked for me with Sterzo before Zwift Play…but haven’t used it since.

Perhaps they expect integers rather than real values.