Steering + non-steering doesn't work well

The experience of being a non-steering rider in a group with steering is really bad. Big groups are OK as they are usually wide enough to hide the issue, but in small groups the problems shine through.

In events like TTT and 5v5 ladder races, not having steering when others do is very limiting. You end up getting left in the wind and having to work much harder than you would be if no one had steering.
A non-steering rider should move towards the draft of those ahead, and should be able to get into the outermost lanes. That movement should be slow enough that those who have invested in steering hardware still feel like it’s worth it.

Game balance is more important in zwift than other games as the user input is their limited physical effort. When it comes to steering, the balance is off.

:+1: There was a recent topic about this

ZHQ still seems to be working on it at least.
As even enabling steering and having it on during these smaller events can be disastrous for yourself when it doesn’t function like everyone else without steering enabled.

ie: like when steering riders were continuously stuck to steering left.

Still, someone who steers to one side of the road or the next; anyone behind should be fully capable of should fall into their draft; which doesn’t happen (although it should). Not sure if this is just my opinion, or if Zwift actually wants this, but it seems odd they wouldn’t.
Even today it’s as if non-steering riders are in a parallel universe from the steering riders in terms of draft lanes.

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