Steering for Zwift trainer

Where the best steering set up for Zwift trainer
What are the costs

I may be wrong, but I’m expecting a Zwift (badged?) steerer to appear now that they are enabling steering in events by default.

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I would hold fire, unless physical turning your handlebars appeals to you. Steering controller incoming this year. Pricing TBA

I think one of the neatest setups would be the Elite Rizer, as you get steering as well as incline simulation, but for compatibility you probably would then want to run an Elite trainer. Cost depends on where you are. If in US, I noticed that it’s a lot lot cheaper to buy from the italian online stores.

Cheapest entry into steering currently is the Elite Sterzo Smart (about $72 on amazon at the moment).

I use the Elite Sterzo Smart. For Zwift its a bit of a novelty, imho, but really brings the GTA5 Bike Mod to life. Free riding around San Andreas is a lot of fun!

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