Steering Devices keep disconnecting- using Zwift Companion on Android and Zwift on Windows 11

For the last few weeks I’m getting a steering devices disconnected errors and then completely lose connection. This starts with the Play controllers, then Zwift Click, and even HR monitor. Using Android phone with Companion App and Windows 11 on Laptop. Im at a loss.

Hi @Dan_Jewell_RLTW_Colo, thanks for reporting these steering issues. For the steering issues, Could you clarify what version of Zwift you’re running? would you please, give it a try to these steps in this article? Once you try them we would appreciate to let us know of any updates.

Now, for the signal dropouts, this list of the most common causes and possible solutions may help.

HI Martha, I’m using the latest updates on everything. It seems to be a BT or Ant+ issue.