Staying in the course - help needed!

Team, I am having a problem on staying in the course to have full lap time. Somehow in the middle of the course I am getting off and my loop time is cancelled. Since I am training on rollers it is hard to control from the laptop or on companion lap. Different courses are chosen but problem exist.

Any advice?



Which loop is it you’re trying to set a time on?

ZwiftInsider has a set of route maps for all the courses. You should be able to find one that covers the lap you’re interested in. Just select that route when you log in to the game:

The Hilly Route is the original Watopia forward lap I think:

Hi Daren, maybe I was not clear the first time and sorry for the language barrier :wink: The problem is when I am choosing any course from the list let’s say Zwift Watopia, I am not able to complete full loop course from start to finish line…always in the middle of course it directs me to a different route and loop time is cancelled.

Thnx for the support!


If you select “Hilly Route” when you start the game (when it’s Watopia), that should be the full original lap.

I will give a try tomorrow. Thnx! J

Hi Daren,

Watopia was not available today and I have chosen the longest ride London Loop and I have the same issue…any idea? Thnx! J

It’s the same answer. If there’s a specific in-game route you’re trying to follow that’s timed as a lap by Zwift, it should be available from the route selection screen when you start the game.

In London’s case, Zwift says:

London Loop

This is the route that corresponds with the Overall segment/leaderboard.


So it sounds like you’ve done the right thing. If you’re getting thrown off the prescribed route, it might be down to network problems.

Hi @Jacek_Foltyn_RnR: I think this apply to your question. No all routes have a count down timer at the top (see below). So sometimes your loop will go along a rout that has a timer and the timer will show, bur when your chosen route turn the timer will disappear

I have the same issue, part way through the course I get taken off on another route and loose my time, it’s not all routes but some.

Have you managed to improve this at all since your post?


Not all routes have timers. Also, routes overlap, meaning you can start on a route with a timer and turn onto one that does not.

Thanks for the quick response Paul, but if I choose a route when I start shouldn’t that then be followed going forward?

It should and has for me for over 3 years, you should just keep doing laps on that route until you stop your ride or make a manual turn.

What route are you selecting and where is it not following?


Just tried to do a 6’s loop on New York, when I joined it defaulted to New York loop and then took me off the route on the first junction to the new York loop reverse.

Does it remember last used route or anything?


It will default to the last selected route, so need to make sure you select the route you wish to take.

Once a route has been selected you will remain on that route unless you make a manual turn.


New York’s “Park Perimeter Loop” takes you on the outermost ground-level path around Central Park. Looking to grab an orange lap leader jersey? This is the only timed route on NYC’s course!

6 Train: You will see the 6 Train and Park perimeter (NYC loop) start at the same place, so when you start riding Zwift will show the Lap timer for the NYC loop until Zwift make the turn for you to put you on the 6 Train loop.

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Just checked your activity. You did 1 full lap of the 6 Train, and then took a (manual?) straight or left turn when 6 Train would turn right.

Is the issue that you are expecting to see a turn that says either 6 Train or something else? Because that won’t happen - at each junction you might see Park Perimeter, Baseball Fields, KOM, or some other reference, but that isn’t (necessarily) the route that you’re on.

If you selected 6 Train at the start, just trust Zwift to keep you on that route.

Thanks for the quick response, I didn’t realise only the loop was timed, thought it was each course so was expecting timing on the 6 loop

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If you’re signed up to (and your Zwift account is linked) Strava you can use the Zwiftinsider verified segments to track this after your rides.