Stats variation

I’m new to Zwift - 6 days, Level 4, to date I have done 4 rides that total 67 miles, 3:59 time, 3.0k ft and 8 slices burned - which is showing correctly on my 7 & 30 day stats - yet on my “All time” stats it’s missing a ride (my 3rd) thus only shows 50 miles, 2:43 time, 2.0k ft & 5 slices burned.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Here is a link for you:–30-Days-Total-is-Higher-than-All-Time-Total?section=201540443

Thanks Paul - from the article it says that they recognize and are working on the problem with the Zwift Mobile Link app, actually in my case it is with even the main computer that I have running the Cycleops trainer.

Hopefully it is all tied together unless someone has any other help?

Where are you seeing this? Can you post a screenshot.

I took the attached pics from my computer that I’m using to run my Cycleops - showing the incorrect totals

From my mobile device

At this point I suggest you submit a ticket:

Thanks Paul - I have just done so…