Stationary Bikes Compatible with Zwift

(Jon Ogden) #1

Hey all,


My wife wants us to get a stationary bike.  She’s not really keen on the idea of using my Madone and Kickr.  So I want to invest in something she will use but I would also like it to be Zwift compatible  (i.e.: transmit power, speed, etc via ANT or BT/BLE).

I looked into ProformTDF but they only support iFit.  

So is there an ANT or BLE enabled stationary bike?




(Jason K) #2

Supported stationary bikes are listed on our website in their own category - have a look! :slight_smile:

(Jon Ogden) #3

Jason or anyone else…

Thank you.  I’ve been taking a look at both BodyBike and also Stages.  However, it doesn’t appear that these bikes are really CONTROLLABLE by Zwift.  Meaning, they’ll send Zwift all the current info like cadence, speed, power, etc, but Zwift can’t increase tension, etc.  Kind of like riding on a manual trainer.

Given that, I’m not sure its worth the money to get one of these when my wife won’t do Zwift and I can do Zwift with my Kickr already.  Seems like I’d be better off getting a ProForm TDF for about the same money…Not Zwift compatible, but I don’t consider something that isn’t controllable by Zwift to really be compatible either…



(Ian Haase) #4

I also have this question, do any stationary bikes have the ability to be controlled by Zwift?  I want to start using this, but need to also purchase something my wife can use.

(Jon Ogden) #5

I gave up looking.  I could never find one.  I ended up first trying a ProForm TDF but my wife didn’t like that.  We ended up with a NordicTrack GrandTour Pro.  It’s a nice bike and works for both of us.

Both the ProForm and the NordicTrac run on Android.  I’m surprised no one has made a Zwift hack/port for these.  Would be pretty cool.

For Zwift, I still ride my road bike on my Kickr.

(Ian Haase) #6

agreed, I can’t believe  we are the only one’s with this problem!

(Scott Gustafson) #7

I was stoked to hear about this so I almost signed up right away without realizing you STILL do not have a android version. I am really bummed now… guess I am stuck with iFit on my Nordictrack grand tour.



(Briony Trace) #8


(Scott Gustafson) #9



Thanks for the links but the bike is not available in the US. I was looking for software to run with my current bike like zwift… 

(Robert Smith) #10

I am dealing with same issue. My wife doesn’t like to use her bike on the Cyclops Magnus and wants a stationary bike. But I don’t want to dish out the money for a stationary bike that does not have app controlled resistance. And as mentioned by other post, Wattbike not available in USA. So, as of August 2018 are there any new bikes that have all the bells and whistles including Ant + AND app controlled resistance besides Wattbike? 

(Phil Clarke) #11

it’s still early days for the ‘smart bike’.  There are very few options at the moment.  Wattbike seems to be it, depending on your geography.  Tacx has announced theirs now [after a concept demo last year], and is available for pre-order, expected late November…according to this site.

or if you can sell a kidney on eBay, maybe one of these.:

Ride on!