State of the U... Zwift

Is it possible to get a “State of Zwift” blogpost, forum thread, email, podcast, youtube video… whatever format you prefer? (I think blogpost would be the best).

Something similar what Strava used to put out. What features were implemented, what features were popular with the audience etc. What are most players actually doing etc.

For instance I see a lot of marketing push for group workouts, but as far as I can see, most people are either solo riding (mostly workouts), group riding or racing.
It would also be nice to see some numbers, how many daily log ins, how many subscribers, etc. but I guess you do not want to share those.

And I would be curious what the future development priorities are (more routes, more features, more hardware support, more gamification, more realism…)?

I doubt they are willing to share user numbers/subscribers being a private company as for all the other stuff there is sometimes updates what started off regularly and monthly is not as often now.

Clubs update

Competition and AU update.

Yeah, my point is create a once in a year update.
Where are they going, where they have been, how did the playerbase react…
that kind of stuff.

Numbers would be awesome as well.

Not really what you are looking for but might find a couple useful things here.

and FAQ with some features and things not released

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Oh thanks, I wasn’t aware of that FAQ.
Thank you!

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It would be helpful if the FAQ was date stamped because some of the content was last season (home screen roll-out) and some is relevant to this season. Maybe “This Year” would be a better title since the start of the season is different depending on your location in the world.


I’d like an old skool Apple-style presentation with someone on stage in a black turtleneck and reeboks telling us about all the glorious changes to come while the crowd oohs and aahs.

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Echoing others, the likely reason they aren’t more forthcoming is competitive advantage. If they revealed they were doing X-Y-Z, it give their competitors a leg up. They also risk over-promising and under-delivering.

I don’t expect much communication from them until just before a new feature launches.

In the meantime, the community does a good job at reporting on what Zwift is right now. Have you seen all the links in the resource thread?

They do a press release in the late summer “This Season On Zwift”… kind of what you are looking for.

Edit: @Gordon_Rhino-Racing posted the same thing basically… ooops

I do remember that along with this press release there were stats from the past year, but I think they were presented to the small group of media and not really shared with the public as much. I’ll see if I can find the youtube video that highlighted some of them.

Edit #2, here is some of the info they shared:


That video is great, thank you!