Stargate required to teleport between all the different maps

Ok, so when going up the volcano I noticed a series of arches over the road which happened to sync up with the end of a workout step thereby turning it into a STARGATE!

What I’d like for feature is various ‘gates’ around the maps whereby you pass through & are teleported to a different point on either the same map or other maps either as a predesigned route, or completely random. 

This would enable me to ride various parts of every map in whatever random sequence I’d like or is programmed in by an event / race organiser, say for instance to put the volcano climb into the london classique course, or doing the Watopia epic climb immediately followed by Box Hill, or getting to the top of the Watopia epic climb & then teleporting immediately to the bottom again ready to climb without the descent.

Pretty please can we make random, really really random?

Imagine races where you know the distance but have no idea what the route will actually be

How would that look like on strava? Lines all over the place. It wont make sense.

You are kidding right?


This is a sensible feature - however the problem as ever is Strava. They don’t support teleporting - this is the reason a new event is created when you join a group ride and I don’t see Strava changing that any time soon, which is a shame as there could be a lot of innovation in this direction.

One solution to being able to ride say Watopia and London as part of the same ride is that you move London to the Solomon islands - there’s no reason London needs to be ‘mapped’ over the top of London on the map.