Zwiftgates around Watopia

Many of the stage gates around watopia resemble a certain scifi stargate.

would it not be cool to be able to gate between these points on Watopia.

For instance I,d love to be able to gate to the Mayan ruins from the start gate.

This would be a really cool feature and would allow riders to start their cycles differently each day. 

They could be called Zwiftgates and each could have its own gate address !

You could make it that you have to hit a certain speed before you could jump.

Make zwift more fun - build a zwiftgate system.




haha, that is a cool idea, I do like it. Unfortunately Strava being what it is doesn’t support teleporting so that would break Strava integration. It’s a shame because this is just the kind of cool thing Zwift should be doing.


However the latest update allows you to start closer to the ruins, so that’s something at least.

Surely this could still be considered - even if you just gate to the start point ?

the following ride would still be contiguous

it would just be the start point that would differ.

You say the latest update allows to start closer to the ruins - how does that work ?


If you choose the Jungle Circuit it’ll put you just past the level 10 gate on the Road to Ruins. You can of course make manual turns to go where you want from there.