Tunnels or bridges to all the different worlds

This is so you don’t have to end ride to ride a different world

This has already been requested elsewhere. You might want to search for that an vote it up. I’m guessing, though, that a complicating factor to this would be how to handle it in Strava/Garmin Connect uploads, as some of these worlds are thousands of miles apart IRL.


Why does Watopia have to lie somewhere in the South Pacific? Strava could use the zwift maps, then we would not have so many problems. :man_shrugging:

Don’t forget that “France” and Makuri Islands are out there, too. But even looking at the ‘IRL’ courses, they can be pretty far apart, so having a ‘tunnel’ to connect them might work in-game, but would still present some interesting issues in Strava/Garmin Connect, unless somehow a new activity could be seamlessly created without the user really being aware in-game.