Roads between London, Watopia and Richmond

It would be great to be able to ride freely on roads between Watobia, London and Richmond:

  • you would have more variety
  • You could drive mega tours without going anywhere 3 times over
  • The cards would not be overcrowded that often.

This idea has been proposed several times and I think that it would be the best option.

For the reasons you said, it’s even better than having to chose between 3 separates worlds like many users are proposing. 

The biggest argument against this idea is probably that it would be too messy on Strava. This could be fixed by adding a “Zwift virtual map” on Strava where the background map is the Zwift map that include Watopia, London and Richmond near each other with somes bridges or tunnels to create junctions between the courses.
Some collaboration between the Zwift and Strava teams would be recquired, but thats very doable.

As these courses are sited an real-world GPS co-ordinates, the roads between them would be very long! :D 

I prefer the option of a teleporter like the workout start archway. Ride through it and you get transported to the other “world”. It would have to stop your activity and start a new one though.