Stages lays off workforce, Giant Enters Indoor Cycling Space!

I’m sure someone will buy the brand, hope so!

Well that puts to bed any hope Zwift puts in any effort to further support the SB20 features.

I better look after my SB20 a bit more now, if spares will be hard to get!

Sorry but… I’ve owned the SB20 and is currently on a NeoBike and a Wahoo V1, and the SB20 leaving my house is the best thing ever happened to my Zwift experience :wink:


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Looks like they owed Giant a pile of money, and that some of the top Stages folks moved over to Giant. Sad for all the laid-off folks, who weren’t responsible for mismanaging the company, but lost their jobs.

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I read that Giant was going to buy a major share of Kona but then backed out

appreciate the source. i spent my 3 free articles trying to find out what the other site’s hustle is

Paddy Murray, VP Global Marketing at Stages Cycling until December 2023 joined Giant as VP Global Sales and Marketing in February 2024.

Announcing the move, Murray wrote: “In my new capacity as VP Global Sales and Marketing, I’ll be spearheading the launch of a groundbreaking indoor cycling division SPIA Inc, reuniting with some of the most brilliant product and engineering minds in the bicycle and fitness industry, Pat Warner Eric Golesh & Andy Lull. It’s truly a special opportunity, and I can’t wait to dive in and bring our innovative plans to life!”

i respect their commitment to innovation but i hope someone grabs that fedex delivery off the stages HQ doorstep at some point. they call that fly tipping in the UK