Problem with Stages SB20: unwanted change of gears

Hi all!
This is my first post, and it’s about a problem

I have had the SB20 for 2 weeks. Up until now everything has been fine
Today, without doing anything, after 10 minutes of cycling, the bike has started increasing resistance to the maximum level.

I disconnected the bike from the power, and started again. After 2-3 mins, the bike starting doing the same. Even though I was pressing the other buttons, I could not change the resistance from the top, it was stuck at the max resistance.

I disconnected the bike from the power again. After 5 mins, the bike started increasing resistance. I pressed buttons to stopped and I stopped it eventually, however the bike was moving to the other extreme, to the minimum resistance.

I believe the problem was with the right buttons, as I disconnected the right cable, and I could run the bike without any issues. When I connected the right cable back, the gears started changing again, getting harder.
I have tried everything Stagesbike suggest on their website (troubleshooting) regarding 100% resistance:

  • power cycle the bike
  • reset user settings on the bike
  • re-program firmware to the bike
  • functionality check

and the problem still persists

I have tried the “functionality check”. I find problems with step 7: when I press the right-side #2 button 10 times there is no difference to the resistance.

The bike is new and I’m a bit surprised with this failure.

Because it is a quite expensive piece of kit, I’m panicking. Totally unexpected

I would really appreciate your support. (I tried ringing their customer service but no success, I only got to the answer machine)

thank you!!

I’ve seen a few people post elsewhere where it turned out the brake hood or the tape was pressing on one of the buttons and they needed to wiggle it a bit.

Sarah, thank you for the reply.
I checked before if any of the buttons was stuck, but couldn’t see anything.
Now, following your advice, I have gone through it again, and wiggle it to see if there was any difference. In my case, I’m afraid it’s still not working.
In the meantime, I have been contacted by their customer service, saying there might be something wrong with the handlebar they supply, and they are checking to replace.
On the one hand, it’s good service, on the other it’s going to take “some weeks” for them to do it, as there is no spares in the Uk…
I hope it works!

I’ve the same problem a few months ago. Stages Germany replace the whole steering unit and the problem was solved.

Thank you Peter. It’s good to hear that could work.
To be honest it’s been already 2 months, and I have not had it replaced, yet.
Whilst the customer service is very polite and proactive, the problem is still not solved. I’ll provide an update when done.

Sorry to about your issues.
I’m thinking about purchasing the sb20 myself…
it’s a very expensive bike for it to not work already. Apart from this problem how would you rate bike/service.

Hi Al,

A cyclist friend of mine, recommended me the Stages brand, and the SB20. I could not get delivered on time, and ended up buying the SC3.20 (don’t ask me why, as they don’t have anything to do). I realise the bike was great. The feeling is really good. That bike was very good for spinning, however I wanted to do more normal indoor cycling, and linking it to zwift so training was more fun.
For that reason I decided to sell that one, and buy the SB20.

The Stages SB20 is VERY good. The feeling is great. I read the feedback from DC Rainmaker in youtube, and got excited.

Leaving aside this small issue, I have to tell you I’m enjoying this bike massively.

My learning lessons are:

  1. If you like indoor cycling, get a smart bike and connect it to Zwift
  2. I know it is a lot of money, but spending the money is worth it. I have outdoor road bike, and this bike tries to replicate the same feeling

The change in gears is smooth, and you can set it up easily.

It took 10 days for the customer service in the US to contact me. The one in the UK contact me in 2 days, but the answer provided was not clear.

They came back offering me the change of the handlebar, which is good, as a service. The problem is that I still have not received it and have no idea when it’s going to arrive.

The summary: assuming I get the issue with the handlebar sorted (which I’m sure I will) then I would recommend Stages, and the SB20 in particular.

If I can be of any further help, let me know.

Hi luis.
That’s really good to hear, it does and sound like an Exceptional bike. When I get home from the farm I just want to ride and have no problems, but have a a more realistic ride which this bike would deliver.
I hope you get yours up and running As it should,
Ride on… Al

Hi there,

Curious to know if you were able to resolve your issues with the shift buttons…

I’ve had a SB20 since November, and absolutely love it… Except my shift buttons suddenly stopped working almost two weeks ago, making the bike unrideable. I have been trying to get a proper response from Stages Support buy starting tickets, calling and leaving messages, sending emails… with little response. Also panicking here because it is indeed a big investment for this not to work!

I feel like I’ve become a SB20 PhD in the meantime trying to figure this out - Bike still gets power, Bluetooth works and broadcasts a signal properly and I can still pair devices to it. It’s the shift buttons - they have zero response and have no effect on changing the resistance. I have tried all troubleshooting I can including testing the parts of the bike on the ATE test app.

I’d be truly grateful for any advice here! Stages - if you’re reading this - help!

Hi Jackie

It seems you have done everything I did (going through all the tests) and the shift is still not working.

I’m assuming you have tried the bike without it being connected to Zwift or any other app that can have the “ergo” mode “on” (sorry if it’s a but basic or stupid question).

In my case, after testing everything and confirming the unit was faulty, I contacted Stages US (even though I live in the Uk), via phone (leaving a message) and email. It took them a week or two to contact me, but they did it.
Customer service committed to change the whole steering unit. The problem is that with all shortages of supply they did not have in stock and took them 3 months to send it to me.

I finally received the new unit (the whole steering unit), and it worked ok. I have not had a single problem since.

Long story short, my problem was solved with the replacement of the steering unit.

I hope this helps.

Hi Luis,

Thanks so much for your prompt response! I have tried it it without connecting to any app - just riding it as is - but alas, no luck.

I worry I’m going to need a replacement handlebar as well. Happy that it’s a part of the bike that can be easily replaced… but it’s the time it will take to get that to actually happen that is the hard part.

Since writing this I was able to find the Canadian distributor for Stages and have written to them for help. Fingers crossed they will be in touch soon.

Again, very much appreciate you writing back. Happy riding! :slight_smile:

Hi Jackie.
Sorry to hear of your problems with your sb20. I was looking to purchase one of these trainers so did lots of homework beforehand to check out the reliability and service. Sadly for such a huge amount of money the service is dreadfully slow. Which is a great shame. And the gear shifters from new have issues. Once again, a great shame. Not that this helps you and I hope you get it working asap. I’ll wait awhile longer before I buy myself one and they sort out these problems and step up on the service

Hi Al,

It is such a shame - when it’s working, it’s the best trainer. I’ve loved using it. But leaving a customer hanging like this, especially if this is a known issue - especially given the cost… I can’t explain this.

I appreciate the commiseration though :slight_smile:

The Canadian distributor I wrote to responded and said they are looking into this… So let’s hope they can move this along!

I have had the same problem. I deleted the bike and the link app (iOS) and then added it back again. Then did a bike reset with the test flight / stages smart bike app and that did it. What I noticed was an ongoing degradation of the buttons functions where I would lose the left upper button and then the right. The above corrected it

Yup - I did the restore with the Testflight app (doing the restore actually caused new problems for me and changed the serial number of my bike) … deleted and reinstalled everything. Shift buttons still don’t work.

The Canadian distributor responded to me in one day, and are sending me new handlebars as we speak.

Best learning lesson here though is if you are having issues with your SB20 and can’t get a response from Stages support - try calling the shop you purchased the bike from. It was the bike shop that I finally thought to call for help, who then gave me the contact for the distributor where i finally got a prompt response.

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