Changed virtual gearing on SB20 from MTB to Road Bike and power numbers skyrocketed - Help!

Hoping someone can help me out. I’ve been doing the Zwift Destroyer training plan on my Stages SB 20 using a virtual 34(front) and 11 spd (11-34) gearing set up and have done ramp and FTP tests using this set up. My FTP was set to 175. Tonight I changed to a new virtual gearing of 53/39 (front) and 12 spd (10-33) rear cassette. My power numbers were far higher than what they were with the MTB gearing. I feel like i must have something “set” wrong in one or the other virtual gearings for the numbers to be so different.
Just to give some background, I got this setup to help exercise motivation (it’s working, it’s a blast!). By no means do I consider myself anything other than a recreational cyclist. I would like to join some group rides, but don’t feel confident with this power disparity(?). I tried the slow pace partner but my “bike” was too fast.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

@Shaun_Serediak did you ever figure this out?

I just got my Stages SB20, and have been really struggling with the gear shifting. My hope is that is sort of like a real bike, where the gears actually help you. My experience so far is that I can pedal the lowest gear, but the moment I shift up, it gets so difficult I have to stand.

Quantitatively, on my ride this morning, I tinkered with the gear settings like your post, and ended up going “Dream” drive with 50 gears, figuring that would give me the max amount of varying. In the lowest gear, I could pedal with some strain and generate about 170w on average (so my HR was running around 130+). The moment I shift up, the power spikes to like 300w and I pretty much have to stand or strain heavily.

It doesn’t seem even slightly realistic. And worse yet, there’s no way to effectively warm up or cool down.

What am I doing wrong?