Power output not consistent over time with virtual shifting

Hello community,

a few days ago I noticed something unusual during interval training and I wanted to share it with you and maybe there is a solution.

Briefly about the setup: I have a Zwift Hub One and use virtual shifting (Zwift Click). I let the trainer control the resistance, while power and cadence are controlled by Assioma Duos. To keep it nice and quiet, I always have the chain on the smaller chainring (36t) and on one of the middle sprockets at the rear.

So what happened?

I rode low cadence (60 to 65) high torque intervals (3x15 min in the sweet spot area). I used Mt. Fuji as the route, as the gradient remains fairly constant. I always did 5 minutes of easy riding in between with fairly normal cadence (85 to 90rpm). What I noticed was that I had to shift up with each interval so that I could maintain my wattage. While I was still in gears 16-18 (depending on the incline) on the first interval, I had to ride in virtual 24th gear on the last interval and couldn’t reach the wattage at all.

Has anyone ever noticed this? That’s not normal I guess.

if you are using erg mode you shouldn’t need to change gears

Hi, i never said that i used ERG-mode.

Hi @den_mei , welcome to the forums! I wanted to ask about this quote:

Based on this, were you shifting your physical gears at all during the ride? That can affect virtual shifting.

Thank you @Rowdy!

No, i didn’t shift physical. Only used the virtual shifting.