SST short

Guys My ftp jumped from 190 to 200 last saturday after a crit race. Today I tried doing SST short but couldn’t hit my numbers on the last set. Im doing crit crusher before my ftp went to 200 I was finishing my workouts perfectly. I am also doing my training on a fasted state. How does sst short suppose to feel? Should I return my ftp back to where it was before?

If you haven’t been overtraining, all of the SST workouts should be quite achievable. Do you typically train fasted?

In any case, a 5% FTP adjustment is pretty much just noise.

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I could be overtraining and yes ive been doing fasted workouts since last year august. I did microburst yesterday but legs didnt feel tired at all today. I usually do all my training after work, standing 8hrs a day, fasted. It could be that my legs are fatigued.

I have been doing the SST workout for a long time. The SST workouts are great but can be challenging. Sometimes even a small increase in FTP can make the last set or two of the 95% FTP difficult/impossible.