Workout error?

Recently my workout function in Zwift doesnt seem to be loading correctly as it used to even though i have checked for updates. This happens on SST short and medium, as well as Jons Mix etc.

An example of the issue is when I go to do the SST short or Medium workout, the first part of the over unders are normally 165Watts for 5minutes and 185Watts for 5minutes (my FTP is 175) now when I go into the workout, all that comes up is 165Watts for 5minutes and 165watts for 5minutes.

Has Zwift updated all these workouts? or is there a bug messing up my app?
I use these workouts 3-5 times a week so would really like it fixed if this is an issue.

See Workouts with intervals are not properly adjusting interval speeds [1.15.0] [July 2021]