Sprint time wrong because of UI delay

Just finished a race (London Classique Reverse) that has a .20 km sprint 3x in the race. The 2nd and 3rd time I finished, the UI froze (normal occurrence) while it calculated my “winnings” or whatever, but when it unfroze, my time was at least a second longer than what I actually finished at. It seems the UI calculations are happening before the time of the sprint is calculated. Surely the in-game timing should happen independent of the visual sugar - I care more about my time than whether I won the feather or the aero boost.

This does not sound normal to me. What are you running the game on? If it’s a PC, please share the hardware specs.

And disable video screenshots

Okay, it looks like it may have been a disk space error combined with the video screenshots - I turned those off and made some space and it went okay this last race. Thanks.
This is a decent laptop from a few years ago - Asus i7 (9th gen) with RTX 1650 graphics and 16 Gb RAM, so I think it was probably just the disk space.

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