Timing inconsistencies on leaderboards

Lately I’ve been noticing occasional minor differences in the segment times that get showin at the top of the display versus what ends up on the leaderboards. Mostly it’s just a difference of something like 0.01 s on one of the sprint segments which I can see as a difference between truncation in one place and rounding in the other (consistency would be nice there as well, tho), but this one seems a bit more concerning:

So my current time for the segment was something just under 30 minutes (shown as 29:59 in the PR field), but somehow on the leaderboard it is displayed as 30:00.2 in which the decimal part quite simply defies explanation.

This doesn’t really bother me as a rider, but my inner UCI commissaire is somewhat concerned about the integrity of the results, especially if something similar could possibly affect e-racing as well.

Windows, current version (at the time), screenshot from activity 507841269589744720.