Spotty Sterzo Bluetooth connection

There is a handshake for the exclusivity, this request can easily be missed, and it takes 8 seconds to re-request it. If you have a spoty BLE connection I’ve noticed that a quick disconnect Zwift doesn’t notice it, BUT the sterzo does. And because of the handshake that Zwift thinks is already done it can just sits there waiting for data that won’t come because Zwift isn’t initiating the handshake request. What happens when you write a proprietary profile when you could have just used BLE HID and you’d never have had this problem


Great call out Keith - enjoyed your vid btw.

That’ll explain why some people are having dropouts during rides that never recover, then. :+1:

Everyone, thanks for this feedback. We’re aware of the pairing issues and actively working on improving the experience on all platforms.

For what it’s worth, I was having this problem using Ant+ on PC and BT from companion, but a new Bluetooth dongle and extender/losing the companion app entirely, seems to have done the trick. One long ride done, no problems. We’ll see if I can get through a full race though. Glad Zwift is working on it, because the Sterzo IS fun.


as i posted in the latest zwift update rel forum i now have problems connecting my sterzo via BT to my PC.

During the last session the connection was not stable, a lot of messages about ‘sterzo’ disconnections.

When i go in the pairing screen i can see the signal strength that keeps on changing from 1 to 4.
I’ve not changed anything in my setup and i m using sterzo since august without problems. Is it related to the last update?

Another ride with sterzo not working. Same issue: Connection keeps on going up and down.

It was really fine since last zwift update…am i the only one?

I’m having the same trouble too. However, I’m also having trouble when it does connect and I’m unable to use the full road and get bounced around by other rides coming close to me.

I think steering is broken big time.

I’ve got no problem to connect the Elite Sterzo at the first time and it start working fine, but after few minutes it starts to disconnecting.
Yesterday I’ve tried to change batteries, and with the new batteries I’ve got no disconnection, but I’m not sure that’s a permanent solution.

Same here. Big connection problems with pc. I think since last update.
In Apple TV it works, but then no HR-Monitor.

Wenn will ANT+ Be enabled, so the „4iii-Solution“ can solve the hr-monitor-Problem?

In my case it seems to be a windows problem. New installing of Bluetooth driver worked

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I have had some good results with this one.

I had the same and I followed the instructions to download ‘vc_redist.x64.exe’ onto my Win10 PC and then everything went back to normal.

I don’t seem to be able to link in my posts but search for the thread:
[Bluetooth devices not seen on Windows 10 [SOLVED]