Split times?

Hey guys,

New to Zwift and so far, so good. Currently doing the free trial. I do have a question about results though.

At the end of each ride you are provided with the statistics for your ride but I cannot seem to find split time results. For example, yesterday I rode two laps of the London Classique course but after the ride was over and I went to review my stats for the ride I could not find any data for each lap. The data for the ride as a whole was easily accessible but not for each lap. Is this available? I would have to think so but I must be missing it. I could not find split times on the link to Strava either. 


I would appreciate any help with this.

As it turns out. I only completed one lap of the actual loop itself. I’ll try this again and see if split times are recorded. My mistake.

Split times come up in game, in the list on the left side as you near the split. Your best laps, best sprints, best kom’s, they are all there for the last month.

Apart from that strava segments are plentiful and will have lap times in there.