Return own split times to the results windows

With the latest update I’ve noticed that the split times results now only show the top few riders (and their times) but you don’t get to see where you are in the big scheme of things.

Would it be possible to show where you are after each split (like it used to) but also show the fastest rider?

Keep up the good work, am enjoying Zwift Island, even the new clockwise course has grown on me!

I’d like to see a list of my own previous times too. I’m not too concerned about how my times compare to others, especially given the differing equipment and abilities of the many people using Zwift, and issues with calibration.

I like to see where I am after the section, not just the top 5.
Also like the idea of comparing to my own previous times.

I agree on seeing your own previous split times. Nice to see if you’re up/down compared to before.

Hi Jamie,

This shouldn’t be how it’s happening, actually. But someone else already reported this so we’re looking into it.