Speed to slow

Hi all. i’m using a tacx neo 2t via bluetooth to apple tv however when i’m doing a workout my speed is far to low. (as in 1 or 2mph max) looks to be ok when on a normal ride.

Hi @Jack_Coombs, what is your FTP set at? Could it be too low, causing the trainer to not put enough resistance on during the intervals of the workout? I assume you are in ERG mode.

Also, this might help explain speed in Zwift:
How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?


How do i change my FTP? I was in ERG mode but then turned it off to see if it made a difference but it never.

When in the game, and riding or spawned into one of the available worlds, click on Menu and under your name is an edit icon:


You can change your FTP there. You should do an FTP test to get an accurate number, but if it is set at 0 for example, increase it to 100 and see if that helps your speed. Having an accurate FTP number will make the workouts much more beneficial, otherwise it could be way too easy or way to hard.