Speckled shadow textures in all worlds

Is anything in the works to deal with the speckled shadow effect, seen on all worlds for the last couple of months? It’s particularly noticable on France.

Edit: came in with the June 12th update.

I’ve noticed for quite a while that every time I ride past the small gas station with the huge dinosaur in the Watopia desert that there is a strange lighting/shadow effect on the road, looks like pulsing lighted shapes all over the road. Anyone else notice that, its been going on for a long time too.

Yeah that one’s been there ever since the desert was added I think. There are a bunch of other similar graphical artefacts like the top of AdZ shimmering when seen from certain angles, some trees and buildings having a weird grid effect as you pass, and entire buildings disappearing in Crit City.

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@Dave_ZPCMR and @Mike_Rowe_PBR

Shadow textures render differently depending on your GPU, RAM, in-game settings and so on. Would you mind snapping a still or a video capture if your computer platform makes that easy (like on Windows)?

That’s the surest way to show us what you’re seeing so we can reproduce it.

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All these are on Windows 10, Ultra profile.

Thanks for the context. I’ve created a trouble ticket so our QA folks can investigate.

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Cheers, sorry for the threadjack.

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Here is a video of the desert flicker, watch the right side of the road as I pass the gas station.

Also a picture:

Windows 10, Ultra setting. Nvidia GEForce GTX 1650

@shooj the speckled shadows started happening on Apple TV a couple of updates ago, also. Very annoying.